If you’re like many people, you probably have some outdated wallpaper that needs removing. Removing wallpaper is an intimidating task. If the task is done wrong, it leads to damage and makes it hard to put up new wallpaper. You need a professional for such an important job. Here at Rexx Painting And Fine Finishes, I know exactly what to do. I have years of training and experience in removing and installing wallpaper. I’ll make sure your walls are left beautiful and clean.


Everybody knows that unsightly wallpaper is a huge problem. Whether it’s outdated, damaged, or simply not to your taste anymore, it really brings down the room. After I remove your wallpaper, you’ll have tons of great options for redecorating, such as:

  • Applying new wallpaper
  • Applying paint for a nice change and a low-key look
  • Applying faux finish for a dynamic new appearance.

The sky’s the limit! But first, your old wallpaper has to go.


Wallpaper removal isn’t easy.  For most people, it’s an impossible task. But here at Rexx Painting And Fine Finishes, I have years of experience and training that give me the skills I need to make it easy. That’s why you need me. I’ll get rid of that old wallpaper in a clean and efficient manner. Homeowners all over Temecula rely on my great work and friendly service.

Rexx Painting And Fine Finishes’S WALLPAPER REMOVAL PROCESS

As you might have guessed, I take a lot of care when I remove your wallpaper. I have a multi-step process I follow carefully to make sure the job is always done right. Read on to find out how it’s done.

  • Step One: Prime. I get your walls ready by applying a special primer to make removal clean and easy.
  • Step Two: I carefully take off your wallpaper using a special tool (the type of tool varies depending on the type of wallpaper).
  • Step Three: I get rid of all traces of old wallpaper, glue and residue.
  • Step Four: Once your walls are bare, I use a sandblaster to make them smooth and even.
  • Step Five: Last, I apply another primer to ensure the walls are ready for whatever you want to do next.


After I’ve gotten rid of your old wallpaper, you have endless choices. If you’d like to re-install wallpaper, I’ll update your walls with something new and modern. With all the great options available nowadays, you’ll have lots to choose from. I’ll hang your wallpaper professionally and properly to ensure great looking walls. You’ll be loving your walls for years to come.


Now that you know what I do, I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about my wallpaper hanging and removal process, please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to answer questions or give advice.

Don’t let your old wallpaper cage you in! I’ll give you a fresh new look. Contact Rexx Painting And Fine Finishes for all your wallpaper removal and hanging needs.