Could your boring walls use a makeover? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. I know just how to give your walls the facelift they need. The answer is decorative painting. It’s the best and most efficient way to give your walls some personality at a relatively low cost.

Curious? Read on, and I’ll tell you how Rexx Painting And Fine Finishes will make your walls come alive with my decorative painting services.


If you’re like many homeowners in Menifee today, you’ve probably considered home renovation but were discouraged by the cost. In today’s economy, remodeling or refurnishing your home is a huge expense, and just not possible for most folks. It’s also time-consuming, which is a drawback for people with busy lives. Luckily, decorative painting is here to solve your home renovation woes. It’s a cost-efficient and easy way to make your home look new again. And I’m here to do it for you.


Everybody has dreamed about their ideal decorating scheme. Whether you’re inspired by a favorite artist or want something totally original, I can make it happen. I’m experienced in all types of decorative and home painting. I’m ready to make your dreams come true.

Some of my popular designs include:

  • Florals
  • Abstract swirls and patterns
  • Faux finishes
  • Illustrative work

Maybe you’ve always wanted little tomato illustrations in your kitchen, perhaps your child is begging for a jungle-inspired bedroom, or maybe your bathroom could use a touch of florals. I can do it all and more with my custom interior painting services.


Faux painting is a very popular choice nowadays. It’s a great way to get the look of various textures without the cost of materials or installation. My clients love this option because it gives them the freedom to try a range of designs in various rooms. If you ever change your mind about faux finish, you can simply paint over it.

Homeowners across Menifee fall in love with my faux finishing services. Some of the most in-demand styles include:

  • Faux wood
  • Faux concrete
  • Faux stone
  • Faux marble painting

With all these great options, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you.

THE Rexx Painting And Fine Finishes WAY

Now that you know about what I can do, it’s time to show off your own talents. Pull out a sketchbook and get creative. Feel free to browse my website for inspiration or pull ideas from your own favorite websites.

You’re bound to come up with some amazing ideas for decorating your walls. I’ll work with you to incorporate your ideas into the final designs. With your creative flair and my experience, the outcome is sure to be stunning. And while you’re at it, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have.


For custom painting services tailored to you, contact Rexx Painting And Fine Finishes. I’ll make your dreams come true.